Public order and safety measures, AUSTRIA – NORTH MACEDONIA – EURO 2020


public order and safety measures


         On Sunday, June 13 2021, starting with 19.00, on the Arena Națională stadium in Bucharest, will take place the football match between the representative teams of Austria and North Macedonia, within the EURO 2020 Final Tournament.

         For the conduct of this sporting event in order and public safety, the Bucharest Gendarmerie, together with the Bucharest Police and Bucharest-Ilfov Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, will take measures for the safe movement of fans to and from the stadium as well as for maintaining a climate of security at the level of the Capital city.

Approximately 2000 gendarmes, policemen and firefighters will act to ensure public order in the immediate vicinity of the Arena Națională, as well as on the movement routes of supporters, to prevent the occurrence of events likely to affect the climate of public order and safety.

In the Old Center, as attraction point, the gendarmerie forces, police and firefighters will act in an integrated system, being arranged all the necessary measures to ensure a climate of peace and public safety.

The traffic police will guide drivers on routes that will allow them to reach the desired destination.

In the area of the sports event will be gendarmes from the dialogue teams, english speakers, who will participate to this mission in order to ensure a good relationship with the supporters of the teams. They will be supported by ten police officers from Austria and North Macedonia, whose mission is to facilitate dialogue and the transmission of the main messages of the Romanian authorities.

         In accordance with the provisions of the local Law no. 4 of 2008 on preventing and combating violence during competitions and sports games, with subsequent amendments and completions, entrance to the stadium, public access by turnstiles, guarding of locker rooms and protection of referees, guidance and supervision of the public in the stadium is performed by company agents security guard, contracted by the organizer.

         According to art. 14 of the aforementioned law, prior to allowing access to the sports arena, participants in this event will be subjected to a preventive body control, performed by the security company contracted by the organizer, in order to avoid the introduction on the stadium of some materials or objects that can endanger the safety of the spectators.

From the point of view of participating in the sports competition, we underline the following:

Given the special conditions regarding the conduct of sports events during the pandemic of COVID-19, in order to attend the EURO 2020 matches, a series of rules imposed by the organizer and the legislation in force must be observed. Those interested can find them, either by accessing the official page or through the EURO 2020 official app.

         – The fans will have access to the stadium starting with 16.00, based on the tickets provided by the organizer and the access bracelets that confirm the observance of the sanitary and epidemiological rules. Just one of these elements is not enough. The spectator must also show his/her identity card.

         – We advise supporters not to get involved in incidents that could lead to disturbance of public order and peace, delimiting themselves from any form of verbal or physical violence that could lead to violent manifestations.

– Spectators are not allowed to bring to stadium the following: alcoholic beverages, pyrotechnic materials prohibited by law or other objects that may endanger the safety of participants in this sporting competition. It is forbidden to display inscriptions that incite national, racial, class or religious hatred, discrimination of any kind and violence.

– In order to avoid incidents, we recommend to avoid traveling in large groups to or from the sports arena.

– Report any problems you find to the authorities.

We thank you all for your understanding of the safety measures taken to conduct this sporting event.


EURO 2020